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Law and economy – Your specialised texts precisely translated

Complex legal and financial documents particularly require pinpoint accuracy while translating the contents into the desired target language. The prerequisite is a solid knowledge of the sector. Thus, at Transline we solely use qualified language and industry experts for your translations. They know and understand the relevant terminology as well as the different legal systems and economic sectors.

On the safe side: We check the correct translation of alls facts and figures for you using a software tool.

Certified quality: Our certification according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100, the process norm for translation service providers, ensures highest quality.

Confidential and discreet: We process your documents according to stringent data protection and confidentiality criteria.


Patent translation


Drafts ready for printing


Certified translations

Legal translations

Do you need a certified translation, contract or legal opinion in another language? 

Transline delivers you legally compliant translations made by legally sworn translators. 

Our experts all over the world cover not only the languages of the European Union, but almost all Asian languages for you, too. Areas of specialisation, among others, are:

  • Labour law
  • Tax law
  • Trade law / competition law
  • International Law / European law
  • Construction law
  • Social law
  • Criminal law

We implement your projects according to international quality standards. Thus you do not have to worry. Reliable.

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Economy and finance texts

The global markets today are increasingly interconnected. This means that the translation of financial texts is becoming increasingly important for your internationally operating company.

Intercultural competence, a distinct feel for language and specialist expertise are our recipe for success for excellent translations of business texts.

Besides language qualifications, our specialised translators possess solid specialist knowledge and long-term experience with translating business texts, for example: 

  • Annual reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Management reports
  • Market studies
  • Training documents 

The constant use of regular translators in the target countries ensures that you convince your partners, investors, shareholders and customers all over the world with documents of high linguistic quality.

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