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Certification by an accredited and independent certifying body is confirmation that the tested processes comply with the standard. With this seal of approval, we guarantee that our services meet a verifiable standard and ensure that you as our client, we as the service provider and also our partners are all speaking the same language. This avoids misunderstandings and creates clarity, thus ensuring that your projects run smoothly.

ISO 17100

Translation services

Transline was one of the first language service providers in Germany to be certified according to the new ISO 17100 process standard for translation service providers. This new ISO standard, which replaces the previous European EN 15038, marks a major step towards internationalisation in the industry.

ISO 9001

Quality management

Quality management at Transline is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015. We have had reliable quality assurance systems in all areas of our business for many years – the certification is official confirmation that Transline’s proven quality meets international requirements.

ISO 18587


The standard for post-editing of machine-translated texts sets out the requirements for all parties involved in the process: it ensures that computer-aided translations are post-edited according to clearly defined quality standards. A particular focus: the high qualifications and work processes of our translators and post-editors.

ISO 13485

Medical products

The risk-based approach of this standard goes beyond product realisation and is applicable to the product’s entire life cycle and supply chain – including product-related documentation and its translation. So you can be certain: our processes are reliably verified by an independent body. For the benefit of your patients and users.


We’re also certified for many of the technologies from our partners.
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