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The four main challenges of global content creation

A lot of text, little time

A lot of text, little time

Based on your product data, we generate large volumes of text for you in multiple languages and in numerous scalable variants. The fast time-to-market gives you a competitive edge.

Successful ranking

Successful ranking

We will equip your multilingual store with relevant SEO product descriptions. A wide range of variants prevents the automation of duplicate content and ensures optimal findability online – worldwide.

More conversions

More conversions

Authentic, target group-oriented texts optimize your communication with customers and your performance. You receive a wide variety of content for all your product categories and target markets.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Native speakers first translate the configured sentence templates, ensuring high-quality target texts. Integrating your corporate language optimizes your brand presence and engages your customers.

Source text

Design and copywriting

Your own product data is used to generate the source text. Our text automation is configured according to your requirements regarding text layout, tone and corporate language. The more variants we create, the more scalable your text model will be, therefore improving the ranking of your products.

Target languages

Translation and design

We start by only translating your product data, including all possible features and attribute values, into the required target languages. The text model in the source language is then reconstructed in the target languages - along with the variants.


Localisation with the four-eye principle

Prior to programming, a qualified specialist translator ensures that the translated text models are not only linguistically correct, but also convey your corporate language and feel authentic for the target market. This means you get error-free, ready-to-use content in 110 languages.

After the initial configuration, our tool automatically generates thousands of texts based on your product data - in any desired language. How does it work? Smart algorithms continue to work behind the scenes after computer linguists and translators have laid the groundwork.

Transline and AX Semantics

Access international markets

Your product pages need to be updated with new content and you can't keep up? With the software from AX Semantics, Transline creates product texts for you that will engage your customers all over the world. You will receive fully automated, error-free content in all languages, increasing the visibility of your products online. And our native speakers make sure from the outset that your brand identity is communicated with cultural authenticity in all relevant markets.

Workflow Automation

Seamless and scalable processes

Using the API tool, the automatically created content can be sent directly to your target system at the touch of a button and published straight away.

Even frequent updates due to regular range updates no longer cause you any stress, as these can also be automatically imported into the tool via the interface and exported again in real time.

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