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Quality Plus
Tuning for you Documentation

Imagine that you buy a new car. Innovative technology and driving pleasure have a top priority, closely followed by safety and low fuel consumption. If, however, consultation, maintenance and service is lacking, the pleasure of buying is soon lost…

With the Transline language management you benefit from a perfect all-round service. Rely on a long-term time and cost-saving process. And lasting high-quality documentation with which you can reach people globally.


Optimised source texts thanks to translation-oriented authoring: We analyse your content and advise you.

Efficient translation memory thanks to Clean-Up: We work on your database until it is perfect – for more quality in less time.

Software-aided quality control according to customer-specific criteria: Our computer linguists make it possible.  

Translation memory clean-up

Optimum quality, consistency and time saving – these are the benefits of a well filled translation memory (TM). This database contains all text passages that we have already translated for you.

Due to the deployment of multiple service providers, new software versions or inconsistent source texts, duplicates, numerical errors or tag errors as well as incomplete segments can creep in.

Your benefits in the case of a TM-cleanup are:

  • greater benefit and value preservation of your translation memory
  • less expenditure for the translation
  • Time savings
  • Higher quality documentation

Our computer linguists analyse your TM and provide guidelines to follow. We will then gladly clean up your database for you and maintain this at regular intervals.

Source text analysis

When compiling your technical documentation, make sure you write in a translation-oriented manner. This brings you numerous benefits:

  • more quality for your language versions
  • efficient use of computer-aided translation tools (CAT)
  • shorter delivery times
  • consistant, more easily understandable texts

Research effort and queries by the translator can be reduced considerably by controlled language. At the same time, you increase the reader-friendliness of your source text.

We help you to tailor your source documents to the tool-aided translation. In this way, the transfer of the text into different foreign becomes faster, cheaper, more efficient and of higher quality for you.

The consistent observance of writing rules not only reduces the translation workload. Thus, you optimise your content and minimise the overall costs for compiling your documentation.

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