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Efficient use of professional translation software

Translation solutions such as Across or Trados make it possible to reuse multilingual content while guaranteeing consistency and high quality. For companies, they are a platform for centrally managing projects and data, automating processes, and saving translation costs. With their help, you can localise your product and corporate communications faster, with higher quality and more cost-effectively for international markets – provided your translation solution is optimally configured and up to date.

We take care of that for you.

Across – our second home

Transline has been an Across partner from the very beginning. We are power users, admins, project managers, translators and terminologists, IT specialists, developers and support freaks. Blood and water. And we also know all the tricks of the trade. Take advantage of our decades of experience – and get the most out of this smart tool.

Installation of the Across Language Server

Planning, consulting, implementation

You expect more efficient and secure translation management from using the Across Language Server. But what are the technical requirements and what resources are needed?

We install your Across Language Server and roll out the software for you in your company:

  • Client and server operating system
  • Creation of the first users
  • Creation of the softkey
  • Local installation of an Across Client on the Server
  • Function test of the Across modules installed

Our technical consultant will take a close look at your requirements and plan this challenging project together with you. For a smooth and fast start.

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Implementation of the Across Language Server

Training and functionalities

Every company works differently. The possibilities for making project settings in Across are just as various. Our technicians know every trick – because we have already advised hundreds of customers on Across and are working out new optimization methods every day.

  • You have several departments contracting services, each with different requirements for the translation process?
  • Your company needs translations in various areas of expertise?

No problem. Our technical consultant will evaluate your needs and view all data and processes relevant to translation, in this way arriving at an optimal configuration for you. We then show your users all the options available to them for differentiating storage attributes. A final briefing on all functionalities, from project settings to package creation, saves you a lot of time. In this way, you can get started as quickly as possible.

Expertise: Transline is one of the largest service providers and users of Across.

Power User: Our admins, translators and terminologists use Across on a daily basis.

Holistic view: We know 1000 possible scenarios of use. 

Consulting on Across

Updates, server migration, configurations

You are planning changes? With the know-how of our technician, you can implement adjustments without long downtimes in productive operation.

Updates. To ensure that the system runs stably, it is important to update your Across version regularly. This also gives you the opportunity to use extended functions. We perform the update for you on your server – remotely and without any trouble for you.

Server migration. Whether server relocation or new installation – we take care of everything for you, from planning to implementation.

Configurations. Whether project settings, hierarchies or subject areas – we adapt, expand your database and keep your back free. You want to set a general character limit for display texts in Across? Assign attributes for images that are not relevant for translation? Protect your brand names? We define all this for you from the outset. This saves time and avoids translation errors.

Across training

User training and more

We adapt our training format to the prior knowledge of the Across users as well as to your individual questions, problems and wishes. Whether online, at your premises or on-site at Transline – we are flexible.

Beginners and advanced users. Our trainer supports your admins and users in their work with Across, answers specific questions and works with your team to find solutions to particular challenges.

Terminology. We train you in the safe use of the terminology component crossTerm and, if required, instruct your terminology managers in the art of terminology maintenance.

MT implementation. You plan to integrate machine translation? We will run through with you what this means for your translation process in Across and evaluate which advantages and disadvantages machine translation will bring to the translation work in your company.

Configurations   / Creation of document setting templates (DST)  / customisation of attribute structures in crossTank  / use of placeables for less word volume and more consistency  / setting of structure attributes for optimised pretranslation  / TM data migration from TMX and other file formats  /...

Performance check   / Analysis of your Across Server  / solving of performance problems on Client and Server  / resource utilisation  / updates for more efficiency  / IT and data security: more security around the Across Server  / time savings through automation: optimisation possibilities  /...


Fast help for your technical questions

If you have a problem, our team of qualified IT specialists, experienced Across administrators, technical translators and terminologists will help you quickly and reliably. And if you have tricky questions, we will take our time – until Across runs smoothly again.

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