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About us

The global markets offer your company great opportunities. Our mission is to work with you to capture them. And it's our strength, too. Highly professional translations are the key to this process. Our teams are located all over the world and are able to provide culturally authentic texts with which you can reach your audience in your target countries. That, you can rely on. With more than 150 employees in Europe and approx. 5,000 specialised translators worldwide, Transline is one of the largest translation service providers in Germany. Our customers include many large, global players. Our customers are not only impressed with the quality of our translations. They also value our excellent IT-driven project management, efficiency and speed.

Our team

154 full-time employees form our core team who work on your projects.


Assurance that our services meet a verifiable standard.


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Our commitment

We take responsibility for our actions. For people and planet.


Transline has offices in Germany and France.

The Transline story

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For your success on global markets

It doesn't matter whether you are a medium-sized "Hidden Champion" or maintain customer relationships for a global company worldwide – our translation and associated services are just what you need.

And what your customers need. Guaranteed.

Our comprehensive service package

Do you need a language service provider?

Our translation services provide for technical documentation, marketing and search engine optimisation as well as content for online shops and legal and patent documents.

And of course, the appropriate cultural considerations are always made. This ensures that your texts truly speak to people.

Our range of services

Reaching the world together

We work with you to develop solutions which are precisely tailored to your individual needs and then we implement them for you. This results in highly flexible, lean and – wherever possible – automated processes. This allows us to make your processes simple. And to reduce your costs. Thus, not only do you excel with your products on the global markets – you also benefit from your professionally translated materials.


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On a linguistic

Established expertise for you.

Transline is growing. And advancing globalisation means that our clients have ever more demanding needs. Today, Transline works with a worldwide network of highly trained translator teams. The company is one the pioneers of IT-supported supply chain management in the translation market. Our customers benefit from a traditional work ethic influenced by German SME culture, as well as our accumulated expertise, a high level of innovation and exceptional processing skills.

The Transline story

Benefit from our experience

It all began in the 1980s. Wolfgang Sturz rejected several job offers in industry because he wanted to do something else – he wanted to translate. He wanted to work with language. Cosmopolitanism, technical expertise and a feeling for language bring people together. That is why Sturz, with his postgraduate qualifications in engineering, went on to establish Transline and become a professional translation service provider. His speciality: Translations for technically sophisticated products. He soon made a name for himself as a highly professional and reliable business partner for companies exporting all over the world.

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