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Termflow – Straightforward terminology management

Termflow is a web-based tool that automates your terminology management. It offers workflow support for all process participants, no matter where they are or when they want to log in. You concentrate on the content. We provide you the infrastructure.

Benefits of Termflow

  • Integration of all participants in the terminology process
  • Maximum flexibility of roles and rights – out of the box
  • Easy integration of external service providers
  • Unique feature: Integration of terminology-TM clean-up
  • Company-wide design of your personal terminology processes – in individual steps with few participants or as an overall workflow

Your options

  • Set up release processes tailored to your individual requirements – with a guaranteed success factor.
  • Benefit from the available interfaces and immediate actuality - with no additional effort.
  • Many additional innovative characteristics, such as subscription function, extensive controlling possibilities, reminder function, escalation scenarios.
globally economic
////////////////////////////////////////////  Terminology saves up to 60% or your translation costs

Case study: Bosch Thermotechnik

Terminology management tool Termflow – developed by Transline – has paid off at Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH: the processing time for terminology processes has been reduced by 60%, which has significantly increased the throughput time of each term.

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