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Machine translation and post-editing

Speed and cost-effectiveness are among your greatest challenges when it comes to translations? Then why not make use of our offer to combine translation processes with artificial intelligence. However, using high-tech only makes sense when combined with human intellect, experience and the appropriate know-how. Our experts are happy to apply their knowledge to your projects and advise you individually on their suitability for machine translation.

Professional MT integration. Our aim is to perfect your workflows.

Artificial intelligence. For smart, innovative solutions.

High-tech strategy. A well-trained translation engine is key.


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Machine translation of your technical documents

We integrate MT as a sensible step in your workflow

Your individual requirements determine the way we process machine output, i.e. the output of the so-called engine. Depending on the purpose of your translation, three types of editing can be applied after machine translation of your documents:


"Full post-editing" includes revision of grammar and punctuation, as well as style. The result is a free-flowing and clearly legible target text.

We recommend this type of revision for texts where you require enhanced quality but cannot implement superior-quality human translation due to the time and cost involved.

A little

"Light post editing" results in correct content, but without any allowances for correct grammar or appealing style.

Light post-editing is suitable for internal use if you need to get large amounts of texts translated in very short timeframes.


Some contents only require low translation quality. "Gisting" uses machine translation without post-editing to convey the general meaning and gist of a text.

Applications include texts in social media, company-internal communication with offices abroad, e.g. via e-mail or chat, or support requests.

Global economy
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Benefits and limits

Machine translation can be used to provide customers with information but it won't help you gain new customers. When drafting or translating creative communication, for advertising purposes for example, cultural and style factors play a crucial role. Machines are not able to consider these factors – this is the field of human translators.

But: Machine translation can be used to translate large amounts of texts in considerably shorter timeframes, as long as you use suitable source texts. Proper preparation of the source language documents is essential for a good result.

The bottom line

Time savings and increased efficiency are unbeatable advantages of machine translations – under the right conditions. Transline's experts will provide you with comprehensive and individual advice on all aspects to be considered.

If the conditions are right and the machine-generated texts are raised to the desired linguistic level in a second step by so-called post-editing, the resulting target text can approach the quality of a human translation.

100 %

artificial intelligence is used by translation engines.


1 million

words per second can be translated in theory.


one-size-fits-all solution for translation projects.

80 years

ago machine translation took its first steps.

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