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Patent translation

Your intellectual property is valuable. We help you to protect it internationally. Key elements of your success are your ideas, innovative solutions and inventions. This is why it is important to have them patented. Also abroad. For only in this way is your authorship – and thus your success – safeguarded in the global markets. Whether you want to have a patent specification translated from German into English, French, Chinese or any other language of this world or vice-versa. Whether your text only comprises 10 pages or 200 pages – with the Transline patent translators it is in good hands.

Expertise through experience

We have been helping internationally active companies protect their investments and innovative developments for almost 30 years. Our specialised translators are experts in technical-legal texts and have many years of experience in translating intellectual property texts.

Reliable high quality

A complaint rate of 0% confirms our premium quality standards. We process your orders quickly and precisely so that your patent is filed as soon as possible. You have invested a lot in your invention – and we are here to help you make it profitable. Our QA process is based on the ISO 17100 translation standard: every translation is professionally checked by a second expert according to the double verification principle.


Precise terminology

Our experienced regular translators are not only familiar with the technical terms in the respective discipline. They also know the specific terminology for industrial property protection so you can be sure that your patent is correctly worded in the target language.

Terminology management

Full-service language consulting

We consider ourselves all-rounders when it comes to languages. We not only take care of your translation and terminology management, but also help you optimise your source texts. After all, the clearer the original text, the faster and more cost-effective the translations will be. We will be happy to assist you in advance to ensure that your projects run smoothly.

Comprehensive services for you


Translating contractual texts


Technical translation


Drafts ready for printing

Just like clockwork – our workflow

Patent specifications are normally highly specialised – legally as well as technically. Every word, the syntax and possibly even a single comma is important. In a dispute, the patent specification must be watertight. The claims to be protected are also defined as broadly as possible to close any possible gaps that could be used to make the patent null and void. These fine details need to be reflected in the target language – accurately, unambiguously and in the spirit of the original.

To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your patent translation, we have developed a quality assurance process that meets the special requirements of intellectual property (IP).

Multilingual IP in 5 steps

Step 1: Delivery deadline and terminology

First, we confirm the order and agree on the delivery date with you. We then define the technical and legal terminology based on your specifications and – if available – on previous translations. If terminology is not specified, we will do the research for you.

Step 2: Translation and proofreading

A professionally qualified and native language translator translates your text into the respective target language, incorporating the relevant terminology. The translation is then checked for completeness, correctness (e.g. of figures) and faithfulness to the original.

Step 3: Technical review

An expert in the relevant subject area checks the translation for technical correctness. The translator and the reviewer agree on any potential discrepancies.

Step 4: Final editing and delivery

The target text is fully edited one more time to fine tune the final details and to ensure the authenticity of the language. You then receive your translation, which is ready to be submitted to the patent authorities.

Step 5: Report

Discrepancies in the original text may be discovered during the translation process. A detailed report provides you with important information regarding source-language issues and clarifies decisions made during the translation process.

Intercultural language competence

Your patent specification must meet the highest demands. In any language. Our experts translate for you:

  • Patents, utility models and designs
  • Copyrights and trademarks
  • Goods and services directories
  • Contracts and legal correspondence
  • Commercial register extracts
  • ...

Of course, we also accurately translate any accompanying texts for illustrations and graphics into the target language. You can rely on it.

Technical expertise

Your patent specification must meet the highest demands. In any language. Transline's patent translators provide the expertise you need, covering almost every subject area in 160 languages, including:  

  • Automotive
  • Sensors, measurement and control technology
  • Drive technology and mechanical engineering
  • Electronics and semiconductor industry
  • IT, software and computer technology
  • Life sciences, chemistry, biotechnology and medical technology
  • Optics and image processing
  • Plastics technology
  • Laser technology
  • Nuclear technology
  • ...
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