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Technology for translation

Quality is not the only decisive factor in translation. Speed matters, too. This can only be achieved with computer-aided tools and extremely efficient processes. Transline realised this years ago and acted on it. We have built up this expertise for the benefit of our customers. We make the translation process as simple as possible for you. You get a direct link  to our online platform and systems – it is personalised and incredibly straightforward.

Agile process management

You can leave all your language management work to us with confidence. We create solutions that fit in with your workflows.

This results in highly flexible, lean and – wherever possible – automated processes.

We apply our core competencies so that you can concentrate on yours.

Agile process management

Language Portal

Translation customers often have little time. And if you have several projects on the go, it's easy to lose sight of it all.

Our online translation portal can make your life easier:

  • Get a quick quote and place an immediate order at any time
  • Real-time pre-translation using your integrated translation memory
  • Status overview and e-mail notifications

The portal can be integrated seamlessly into your Intranet and we can also adjust the workflow to suit your individual needs.

Language Portal

We use state-of-the-art technologies (Across, Trados and more) with one goal in mind: More time for what is truly important.

Individual workflow solutions save you time, effort and costs.

Developers, computer linguists, terminologists and proofreaders form our specialist team.

Translation memory systems

  • Reduced time to market
  • Steadily falling translation costs 
  • Consistent corporate wording


These are the advantages of computer-aided translation (CAT). Today, it has become indispensable in the industry. 

We get the most from your translation memory: We optimise the data before even starting the translation. 

Our experts keep your translation memory (TM) up to date and advise you when optimisation is needed.

And if you get stuck sometimes, our experienced user support team will be there to help.




Maintaining your company terminology in a structured and consistent form saves you time and costs at the translation stage. 

Choosing Termflow professionally implements terminology management in a manner that saves time and resources:

  • Easy setup and management for your terminology
  • Web-based work which integrates all stakeholders worldwide
  • Automated workflow management

In this way, Termflow allows you to effortlessly manage the complete terminology process in a way which is transparent for all.



Basic knowledge: "Translation Memory" (TM) –
Our Clip explains the principles of a TM and how you can benefit from it.

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