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Agile process management
automated customised translation process

Language management is teamwork. If we assume one translator per document and language, then there are also proofreaders, project managers, customer experts, layout artists and IT professionals. Thus, we already come to more than 100 process participants just for 20 languages To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we rely on IT-supported workflows at Transline. Just like on a production line, your texts are translated from one station to the next – reliably and safely.

As Full-Service-Partner we offer you our support with regard to all issues concerning language management.

Best Practice in the language process: We standardize your workflow, increase your text quality and minimize your costs.

Our solution finders in Development are first satisfied when everything suits your needs.

Individual solutions

Transline experts analyse your existing processes and define a tailored workflow based on your requirements. 

Whether this involves translation, terminology or integration of your reviewers in the respective countries: We establish the perfect setup for you in a modular system,.

Your benefits:

  • You order simply, quickly and independently of time
  • The delivery times for your translations become shorter
  • Standard procedures prevent the risk of manual processing

Thanks to extensive options in the configuration, your workflow is not set in stone – we remain flexible and adapt your processes to meet new requirements.

We will be happy to assist you

Automated Ordering

Intelligent IT workflows tailored to your needs reduce the manual workload for routine tasks – especially during data handling. A few examples that make your life easier:

You receive your offer in real time via our language portal, including an immediate analysis. Just 1 click and we start with the translation of your data.

The entire translation process runs completely automatically with the aid of an interface between the translation software and the editing system/CMS. And the reporting function keeps you informed constantly about the current status of your translation.

If you have a translation tool at your company, the data will be exchanged directly between the systems via an interface. The software provides you the necessary overview of all ongoing projects.

An FTP Hot Folder specially configured for you is constantly monitored by us: As soon as you store a file in this folder, we already start with the translation.

This and many other possibilities for automated interfaces between systems relieve your employees of routine tasks and create freedom. 

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