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Transline has experience. Years of it. We have spent more than 30 years meeting thousands of people, trying out all kinds of things, learning from our previous mistakes and successfully developing and implementing solutions. Today, you can benefit from all that. As a full service provider, we will be there for you, whatever the situation. And that's a promise.

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Consulting and service

We are there for you with our accumulated expertise at all times. Computer linguists, technical editors and terminologists are at work on your behalf every day.

  • Are your source texts outdated or inconsistent?
  • Is your terminology all jumbled up?
  • Is your translation memory huge, but in desperate need of a clean-up?

You can leave all your language management to us with confidence. Let us handle it. We are a reliable and simple solution for you.

We will be happy to assist you.

Training and support

You can rely on the cumulative expertise of our process and translation tool experts. They are expert problem solvers and they stand with you.

In addition, our in-house terminologists and technical editors will guide you through every phase, e.g.:

  • Establishing a terminology group
  • Generating a terminology or editorial guide
  • Optimising your source texts

Experts from our specialist teams come to you. They train your employees onsite and according to your individual requirements.  

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Earth -shattering
////////////////////////////////////////////  Language can change the world

Terminology services

Proper terminology maintenance requires time and expertise.

That is why we have in-house terminologists:

  • We extract terms from your documentation to build up and expand your terminology.
  • We clean it up, too. I.e. we check your existing terminology and tidy it up for you.
  • We use terminology translation to establish your terminology in all desired languages.

Terminology services

Terminology management

Terminology is the specialist vocabulary of a company. Maintaining terminology in a structured and consistent form in the source language has the following benefits at the translation stage:

  • 60% fewer queries
  • 50% less expenditure
  • 30% cost savings per year

We work with you to develop a workflow and create a terminology guide.

We provide advice on tool-assisted terminology work and offer workshops to train you.

Customised quality

In order to completely optimise the quality of your multilingual documentation, we offer additional services:

  • We clean up your translation memory and thus ensure the highest possible level of efficiency for the translation phase.
  • We analyse whether your content is translation-oriented and create a checklist for your editorial guide.
  • Our computer linguists create an individual checking profile for you – thus ensuring that nothing gets lost.

Quality Plus

We invest the time that you don't have. Reliably and efficiently.

Smart service: People and technology working for you.

Your one-stop shop for language services. Transline. 

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