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Social commitment:
We live our social responsibility in a sustainable manner.

The future of all of us and of our society is in our hands. As a company with more than 180 employees, we bear
a particular social responsibility for our conduct and actions.

At the water school days, more than 900 school children between the ages of nine and sixteen learned about the importance of being mindful: of themselves, of the environment and – of water.

Pure Water for Generations e. V.

The Reutlingen-based language team supported the Pure Water for Generations e. V. project with “pro bono” translations: They translated the learning content into twelve different languages. Even for a language professional, translations for countries such as Eritrea, Syria and Afghanistan are not an everyday occurrence.

Nevertheless, working together as a team, we were able to find the perfect native speakers. This means that non-German speakers can also follow and understand the lessons in their own native language.

Make a difference. Start today.



The Transline

Ecology Challenge

We are consciously addressing a number of questions: Do we use printers or household appliances unnecessarily? Do we run washing machines that are only half full? Do we always switch off the lights? How often do we order on the internet – or do we prefer to buy locally? Do we drive when we could use a bicycle or walk?

By thinking about the future, because we care about our world, we are embarking on our personal Ecology Challenge. In this challenge, Transline family & friends choose a climate-protecting challenge and then change their habits.

Make the most of something instead of throwing it away – the DIY bee hotel #gerntransliner Petra

Avoid buying plastic packaging whenever possible – that goes for the whole family #gerntransliner Steffi

Cycle and buy local – support local traders #gerntransliner Ute

Protect the environment as much as possible – take sustainable holidays #gerntransliner Birgit

Grow your own fruit and vegetables – live within and together with nature  #gerntransliner Stefanie

Eat vegetarian – both environmentally friendly and healthy #gerntransliner Anh

Look for alternative products – buy responsibly #gerntransliner Maren

Collect rubbish – do some good while exercising in the fresh air #gerntranslinetranslator

Thanks to everyone for taking part.

globally politan
////////////////////////////////////////////  Bring people together with language and overcome borders.



Unsere soziale Verantwortung nehmen wir sehr ernst. Nachhaltigkeit steht bei uns an oberster Stelle.


Mercy Ships helps people in Africa who have become outcasts of their society through disfiguring or disabling diseases and extreme poverty. Together with Dürr Dental AG, we support Mercy Ships, the largest hospital ship in the world.

Our sponsorship for a theatre seat at the Naturtheater Reutlingen supports the Naturtheater in financing the auditorium. Our colleague Miriam Reiling is an active member of the Naturtheater.

The Heilbronn-based association Solidaria
e. V.
 has committed itself to making life easier for people with disabilities. With our donation, we also support the commitment of our colleague Bianca Klein.

Mariphil e. V. wants to give street children in the Philippines a future. The relief team there has made this matter its heartfelt mission. The idea to donate to this good cause came from our colleague Anja Hoffmann.

For us, mastering the languages of the world means living our social commitment. Globally.

Within our company, we also make sure to support our employees in mastering the challenges of our time.

Balancing work and private life is important to us. The same applies to maintaining and promoting the health of our employees. Through flexible working hours, the option of working from home, as well as sports and health offers, Transline provides its employees with a multitude of opportunities to create this balance.

Transline also relies on its diverse teams and integrates the 50+ generation, as well as trainees and young professionals.

Pure Water for Generations e. V.

The non-profit organisation Pure Water for Generations e. V. aims to improve the quality and quantity of water in streams and rivers, for generations and along the value chain.



2467km | Trailer from Pure Water on Vimeo.



Our aim: to support national and international renaturation projects on rivers.

For sustainability and a green planet – that's what we work for.

Corporate social responsibility – more than just a buzzword for us.

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