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Successful SCHEMA Conference 2016

This year's SCHEMA Conference in Nuremberg once again proved to be a great success: As always, the two-day meeting offered exciting presentations and workshops, while the now-traditional evening event in the heart of the Old Town of Nuremberg at the end of the first day provided a relaxing change of pace. In addition – as in the previous year – the “CMS Camp” offered would-be buyers the opportunity to become familiar with the editing systems on the market.

The conference has long since become an international meeting point for users and interested parties from around the world: This year, the event hosted some 500 attendees.

At the Transline stand, our own in-house experts Diana Winokur and Anja Bayer provided information about working with ST4 along with tailored solutions for the translation process. Our two colleagues from Customer Relationship Management held numerous interesting discussions with customers and additionally established many new contacts. As a partner of many years and SCHEMA translation service provider, Transline offers comprehensive expertise in how to deal with the content management system.

The Transline presentation on the subject: “The neglected resource: Translation Memories are an investment with a high yield” held on 15 June was very well attended. In half an hour, Anja Bayer gave a clear and concise summary of the quality improvements, time and cost savings that result when translation memory databases are used as effective supplemental tools in documentation and language management. We cordially thank the many participants who visited Ms Bayer at the Transline stand after her presentation for their positive feedback!

The Transline-sponsored Weber charcoal bbq and bbq recipe book also successfully found a new owner at the raffle. This year, Mr Alex Mok of Keller Lufttechnik proved to be the lucky winner (see photo with Diana Winokur and Anja Bayer). Our heartfelt congratulations!

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