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Transline Partner Summit 2019

Transline welcomes participants from 15 countries.

It’s almost become a tradition: in the run-up to the annual tekom conference, Transline invites translation partners from around the world to Stuttgart. The aim is to discuss innovations and new developments, and to foster personal contacts.

The four presentations and two workshops covered not only the latest developments at Transline and its Partner Management department, they also addressed potential for optimisation, as well as current industry trends and technologies.


Trending now: e-commerce translation

The topics of e-commerce and SEO translation have become a major focus for Transline in recent years. Key Account Manager Georgios Tsouknidis outlined the specific workflows at Transline as part of his presentation. He explained what opportunities the industry offers for the translation market and how to best seize them.


Terminology – a perennial topic

In her workshop, Terminology Manager Laura Ibáñez outlined the strategies that Transline uses to overcome the challenges of terminology work. Many similarities were found, but attendees were also able to draw from a large pool of different approaches and benefitted from some new inspiration.


TBlue® technology

Josia Scheytt, Software Developer at Transline, introduced the latest achievement at Transline: the TBlue Partner API will optimise integration of Transline partners and boasts enhanced processes and a modern, intuitive user interface. The integrated AI-based query management tool raised a great deal of interest: it remembers all questions and provides intelligent answers – making it a great time-saver during translation projects.


Quality management

There were also new developments in the Quality Assurance department to report: Transline is currently developing new software to optimise the review process and streamline the exchange of information between Transline and its partners.

At the conclusion of the summit, the participants praised the excellent mixture of theory and practice, as well as the valuable networking opportunities between speeches and workshops.


We are already looking forward to next year and more exciting discussions with our partners.



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