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Leading German companies rely on Transline

In its February 2016 issue, the German “Manager Magazin” published a reputation ranking of leading German companies and their CEOs. The results of the survey conducted by the “Manager Magazin” and Humboldt University in Berlin included many customers of Transline in the companies enjoying the best image among German executives. Included in these are Miele, Bosch and Stihl.

The reason according to Joachim Schwalbach, director of the study: “Family-owned companies or publicly traded companies led by strong owners currently enjoy considerably more trust than those with broadly owned capital shares.”

Incidentally: The translation service provider Transline is owner-managed, and it has been this way for 30 years. Working together with a strong management team, the graduated mechanical engineer and translator Dr Wolfgang Sturz has managed the company until today.

“Manager Magazin” article in issue 2/2016

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