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Communicating properly means saving lives.

Transline supports online youth counselling at “Arbeitskreis Leben” (a working group for counselling services)

Not only important documents rely on being able to speak to people in a language they understand: Youth-Life-Line advises youths and young adults when they are facing an acute crisis and are at risk of suicide.

The special thing here: All counsellors are themselves between just 15 and 25 years of age. As peers of the same age, they understand how young people think. They communicate anonymously online, but still retain a personal touch – and some of these conversations continue over many years.

On Wednesday, 20 September, Katja Schabert, Anja Bayer and Marina Klöpsch from Transline presented the project managers with a cheque for 500 euros. The amount was raised through a customer survey: Transline donated 5 euros for every Transline customer who took part in the survey. Many thanks to all participants!

Something not many people know: each year, three times as many people die from suicide than from car accidents. This makes Youth-Life-Line's work extremely important. These remarkable young volunteers impressed us greatly. If you would like to know more about the project, visit Youth-Line-Line on the Internet.

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