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Sto: On-site worldwide with Transline

Sto SE & Co. KGaA, with its headquarters in Stühlingen, Baden-Württemberg, is a leading global manufacturer of colorants, plaster finishes, paints, coating systems and composite thermal insulation systems.


To offer its customers around the world the best possible service, the Sto Group relies on professional translations from Transline for its communication needs.

Since 2011, Transline expert Andrea Eliewsky has been coordinating translations of technical documentation and marketing material for Sto. This includes incorporating Sto's subsidiaries abroad: “For some time, Sto has been using the language portal programmed by Across, making it easy for foreign subsidiaries around the world to place translation orders with Transline directly at any time.”

The famous yellow Sto bucket has also found its way into many a Transline office – a symbol of creative, informative and varied source texts that always provide a welcome change at Transline: “When Boss Brush and his appy from the StoMagazine once again present a hard nut to crack, the entire quality assurance team often put their heads together,” says Barbara Strobel, a reviewer. Her colleague, Anita Bortmes-Ott, even received an original Sto bucket from her colleagues as a gift when her own home, and associates it with “source texts that, like the Sto products themselves, are versatile and crafted with care – exactly like the translations from Transline!”

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