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Second corporate merger in 2019

medax follows interlanguage as a new subsidiary of the Transline Group

Specialist translation expertise in medicine and pharmacy

Medical and pharmaceutical translations have been the specialist field of the translation service provider medax for more than 50 years. The company, based in Olching near Munich, enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry. With immediate effect, medax is also part of the Transline Group. The team around owner C. Martin Dunne remains unchanged at the Olching location.


Translating texts for clients in medicine and pharmacy requires in-depth expertise in both the linguistic and medical-pharmaceutical fields. The translation service provider medax has specialised in translations in this area for more than five decades. The multilingual team of foreign-language specialists with university degrees, works in Olching, a few kilometres northwest of Munich. The owner is C. Martin Dunne, who hails from England and is a trained osteopath. Ursula Dunne is responsible for administrative management and Sandra Stengel is in charge of production and quality management.

medax works with a pool of freelance specialist translators based all over the world. Most of them are professionally qualified physicians, pharmacists, chemists or have been trained in another field related to medicine. In addition, they are trained specialised translators with many years of experience in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals or chemistry. They are selected according to the strict guidelines of the ISO 17100 certification and translate into their native language.

In addition to their work in the core areas of medicine, pharmacy and chemistry, medax also provides specialist translations for the cosmetics industry and related areas, such as medical technology or dentistry. The company's range of services includes written translations as well as interpreting services, the preparation of certifications or terminology management for clients.



In the pursuit of synergy

Through their collaboration, medax and Transline aim to establish synergies particularly in the areas of IT and finance, human resources, marketing and business processes. The existing team and the Olching location will remain unchanged, as will medax as a recognised brand for translation services in the medical-pharmaceutical sector.

Owner C. Martin Dunne is “happy and very proud to be able to hand over a dynamic company such as ours to such a resourceful and competent partner. We are all looking forward to continuing our work under the umbrella of Transline. Moreover, I am sure that this cooperation will bring new opportunities for our employees and for us as a company.”

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Sturz, founder of the Transline Group: “The demands placed on us translation service providers are constantly increasing. In order to meet these demands and always offer customers the highest quality and excellent processes, you must make use of all opportunities that help to increase efficiency and strengthen your own market position. In addition, we benefit from the profound know-how in the medical-pharmaceutical field that makes medax a strong brand in this field.”


Focus Business: Transline listed as top employer in 2019

Focus Business officially counts Transline as one of the top employers in 2019. The company is the only language service provider in Germany to receive this award.


medax – From one original into another.
medax has been providing specialist medical and pharmaceutical translations for more than five decades. The highly specialised company based in Olching has earned an excellent reputation and is regarded as the quality leader in the industry. Its multilingual team at the headquarters consists exclusively of foreign language specialists with university degrees. In addition, they work with a pool of freelance translators from all over the world who have been selected according to strict guidelines on the basis of the ISO 17100 certification. Without exception, these are employees who have proven professional excellence in medicine, pharmacy or chemistry as well as many years of experience with specialist translations in one of these core areas.

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