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Language as the key to global markets

“IT-based translation tools, an experienced global network and a high level of process know-how are what customers want,” explained Wolfgang Sturz in a contribution to the technical journal MaschinenMarkt.


Today, companies that wish to be successful beyond their own national borders must excel in all types of local language communication – much more now than just a few years ago. Companies want translation service providers with a global network and a high level of process know-how.


In the past, translation of technical texts was a neglected topic in many companies. In the meantime, however, more and more managers recognise that professional communication in the local language and offering information in the respective national or regional language makes a significant contribution to success in a foreign country. This is also a major conclusion of “The Language Services Market 2015” study from Common Sense Advisory, CSA. The consequence is obvious: technical documentation, operating manuals, marketing or other texts should be written in the respective national or possibly even regional language for as many target markets as possible. In fact, against the backdrop of globalisation, a person's own language is currently more than ever a means of identification and a must for companies wanting to reach out to people.


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