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Further expansion for Transline

SAP translation specialist Wordflow is now integrated into the Transline Group

The translation service provider Wordflow, based in Walldorf in Germany and Bologna in Italy, is now part of the Transline Group. The team of 12 employees specialises in translating content related to the products and services of the software provider SAP headquartered in Walldorf.

Wordflow is a certified SAP partner and has been working for global corporations in a range of industries since 2004. The company's portfolio includes consultations on the internationalisation of SAP applications, language and localisation services, as well as the development of innovative translation tools. The team is made up of professionals with strong linguistic and technical backgrounds, resulting in a unique combination of expert knowledge of languages and IT under one roof. In addition, Wordflow works closely with a pool of freelance translators who specialise in complex SAP requirements.

The integration of Wordflow strengthens Transline's expertise in the area of SAP translations and sets the course for further growth of the business group. Wordflow benefits from the resources and experience of the Reutlingen-based Transline team in the areas of marketing, sales and IT-based translation processes. Transline has a broad and strong position in the market for technical documentation and marketing translations – another advantage for the SAP specialists.

Now integrated into the Transline Group, Wordflow will continue to operate as an independent company with offices in Walldorf in Germany and Bologna in Italy. And of course, Wordflow's customers will be supported by the same employees, with Isabella Musso remaining as Managing Director.

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