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A reliable partner for medical technology

Translating the documentation for medical devices is one of Transline's core competencies.

Anja Gebauer is in charge of International Sales at Transline Deutschland GmbH. In an interview for Messe Stuttgart, in the run-up for the T4M trade fair for medical technology, she explains how Transline succeeds in supporting medical device manufacturers in the challenges of an ever more regulated market environment.

With regard to translations, what are the special demands placed on medical technology companies in comparison to less-regulated markets?

Medical technology companies experience particular pressure when it comes to language and translation quality. After all, an incorrect translation could have fatal results.

The number of different language versions is also a decisive factor. One reason for this is that nowadays user information must always be available in the official national language before a product is launched on the market. Many companies face organisational challenges as a result. Finding the right translator requires intuition and knowledge as well as access to a large network of language providers.

Texts from various company divisions, such as documentation, development and marketing, have to be translated. How do you know who is the right expert for the respective project?

Transline is certified according to ISO 17100 and ISO 9001. Our translator selection process has always been extremely strict: we go through all of the relevant quality criteria during onboarding and have the translator or agency do complex test translations. This is how we determine whether the applicant fulfils our standards in the specified specialist field and which type of text is suitable for the translator. Once the first projects are under way, the new supplier is subjected to strict tests, until they have proven themselves as a reliable partner, and established themselves in our assessment system.

However, we also have to go beyond this and respond to the requirements of each individual customer. We remain in close contact and find out what is important to them: style requirements, specialised terminology and much more also play an essential role.

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