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Transline Partner Summit 2022

A warm invitation to all our translation partners

You, our partners all over the world, are the basis of everything we do. Our annual Partner Summit provides an opportunity for joint exchange at eye level. After all, mutual feedback and keeping each other up to date is essential for our smooth cooperation.
Please see this year's agenda below. All our lectures and workshops are free of charge. You may take part in any or all of them, as you please. Just click the button below to start the scheduled lecture or workshop via MS Teams.

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Our programme at a glance

7th November 2022


welcome and introduction
Transline Group news and plans

Katja Schabert
CEO, Transline Deutschland

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memoQ  workshop – tips and tricks
for project set-up and translation

Stefanie Mausbach
Team Project Management, Micado

Project set-up and translation: we will take a look at a number of settings that will make your life easier.



coffee break

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TBlue in retrospect and in prospect:
feedback, discussion and update on features

Claudia Mestres Junque
Consultant and Process Manager, Transline Deutschland

Our new project management system TBlue was developed not too long ago. Bit by bit, it is being rolled out and continuously improved. We want to take the opportunity and ask how you think we can further improve the system itself, its usage or the communication related to it. In our workshop, we will collect your feedback in a structured and systematic way, answer your questions and show you certain features.



lunch break

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usability testing

Christian Gaa
Key Account Manager, Transline Software Localization

Ensure proper functionality by testing the user experience and all app or software components in the final target layout.



coffee break




the rework process and its critical factors in TBlue

Adrian Prischmann
Quality Manager, Transline Deutschland

Adrian will address the following and similar questions: What must the partner consider during a rework? What steps need to be taken? In which cases is consultation necessary?



coffee break


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there are no wrong words, there is a wrong use of words

Sara Belletti
Project Manager, Interlanguage

For language specialists, taking into account inclusivity means reducing the gender bias in the linguistic choices we make. There is a continuous need to keep informed and up-to-date, as our languages evolve day by day. But do we really understand our client’s needs? A deep dive into inclusivity.



questions and answers – closing

All Speakers of the day
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We are looking forward to meeting you online☻

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